Personal Trainer West London

Personal Trainer West London

At Personal Trainer West London we promote functional training which is bespoke to each individual. We recognise that no two people are the same so we plan out our training schemes individually for each person making sure it is a perfect match to their ability and need. To do this we will give you a full one hour free consultation where we will discuss with you your targets and goals and we will also include into this a free 30 min workout session with your trainer. It is almost a try before you buy scheme if you like we recommend that you join one of our programmes which range from 6 wks to 6 months or more it is totally up to you. We can arrange sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis or even 3-4 times a week. Most people find that they want more regular sessions with the trainer at the beginning around 3 a week and then eventually go down to 1 a week.
personal trainer west london

You may be a little nervous about trying out a personal trainer but don’t worry most people are the same. Just remember we work with all sorts of people who have all sorts of targets and goals. We’ve seen it all and done it all so there is nothing new. Anyone can benefit from a programme of Personal Trainer sessions which can help with gaining fitness, losing weight or even helping with health problems such as stress or High blood Pressure. We can guarantee that you will benefit from our programs.

Am I Fit Enough for a Personal Trainer West London

Many people come to us at Personal Trainer West London feeling a little apprehensive as they are not sure if they are fit enough to join. But there is no worry as our trainers work with all different levels from the ultra fit to those who have not exercised in years. Our gym is a friendly place and we all give each other the support and encouragement and of course the recognition we deserve.

You may be nursing an injury, don’t worry we can deal with this too we often help people rehab following accidents or injuries. We’ve been known to help those with serious back injuries helping them to build important muscles to strengthen the lumbar region and free them of pain. Call us today for your free session.